Milo (just Milo)

Looking for rhyme and reason in a world that makes no sense to me. My name is fictional, but its based on neither a character in a now dead comic strip nor a novel by Joseph Heller.

I started out bored, wondering what to do, and now I find so many things to do that I don't know how I'll ever do them all. Maybe I'll tell you about some of the things I've done or would like to do one of these days.

I've used fireworks, from "safe and sane" to the more spectacular types you launch out of a cannon. I've seen men that seem to die, wandered around among the dead of a battlefield and then seen these same dead get up again and join you later for beer. I've ridden a mechanical horse up from the bottom of the clouded sea to arrive at the shore. I've seen the glorious tragedy of man and beast in the ring fighting to the death. I've shaped hot metal to my bidding, as well as felt the burning kiss of metal on my skin.  I've seen life begin, and I've seen life end.

last updated 8/31/2001