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"Are yew a rich widder woman?"
from an original image by Janice "The Widder" Anderson

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About the SOTP Group

Shadows Chronicle

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a guide

How to Be a Pistolero

Gettin' Started

An Effective Pseudonym

Dressin' the Part



Southern California


Your Color Scheme

Preservin' the Legend

The Fast Gun

The Tools of the Trade

Etiquette of the Gun


Women Packin' Pistols?

Famous Quotes of Gunmen

Gun Tricks

How to tie a Perfect Bow

How Easterners See a Gunfighter from an old "Dime Novel"

Our Past Members

Pictures of Shadows Folk (1984-1999)

Don Aubrey's Eulogy - 1997

Charlie Hughes' bio - 2005

Floyd D. P. Øydegaard - 2005

Some Old Resources

Sources of Costumes, etc.

About Period Eye Glasses

Books Worth Reading

How to Dress a Woman

Other Old West Reenactment Groups

Historical Sketches

Some Pistoleros

Black Bart Legends

Charles E. Boles
AKA Black Bart the PO8

Charley Parkhurst
AKA Charlotte

Dick Fellows

John Wesley Hardin

Jesse James

Captain Harry Love

Joaquin Murietta

Mysterious Man (Remains lost for 100 years!)

Tuburcio Vasquez

Rufus E. Brummagem
"R" Rated and not for children!

20th century thangs
As it relates to the "Old West"

Western Movie Extras
We all want a part in a western!

Western Radio Shows

Partial List of Television Westerns

Complete TV Western List
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Television Westerns Fan List

Some Western Movies,
that we like!

John Wayne's Movie list

Clint Eastwood

Brian Keith

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My Family Genealogy
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Viking Kinfolk


1st New York Legion

California Joe
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