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Reenactor, Actor, Photographer & Writer



22725 Main Street, Columbia, California, 95310-9401


LAST DINNER ON THE TITANIC was Capt. Bartley Blather, guest host for a Victorian Feast performance at the City Hotel, Columbia. (2005-7)

VICTORIAN CHRISTMAS FEAST was Sgt/Major - Colonel, guest host for a Victorian Feast performance at the City Hotel, Columbia. (2005)

FIDDLER ON THE ROOF was Lazar Wolfe for the Cabrillo Stage* (1992)

INTO THE WOODS was The Mysterious Man for the Cabrillo Stage* (1991)

APPALACHIAN EBENEEZER was Jeb /Otis/Xmas Future for the Santa Cruz Actors Theatre* (1990)

CAMELOT was Sir Lionel for the Cabrillo Stage* (1990)

MIKADO was Pooh-Bah for the Mountain Community Theatre* (1989)

EVITA was Juan Duarte for the Cabrillo Stage* (1989)

INHERIT THE WIND was Judge Merle for the Mountain Community Theatre (1989)

THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE wasPirate King for the Mountain Community Theatre* (1988)

ABSURD PERSON SINGULAR was Geoffrey for the Mountain Community Theatre (1988)

CAUCASION CHALK CIRCLE was Multiple roles for the Cabrillo College Theatre (1987)

H.M.S. PINAFORE was Capt. Corcoran for the Behind The Times Theatre* (1987)

DEATH AT A GALLOP was Occult Follower for the Behind The Times Theatre (1987)

PHILADELPHIA STORY was Uncle Willy for the Mountain Community Theatre (1987)

IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST was Merriman for the Actors Community Theatre (1986)

ARSENIC AND OLD LACE (wanted Teddy's part...) But was Brophy/Klyne for the Actors Community Theatre (1986)

TEN LITTLE INDIANS was Judge Wargrave for the Actors Community Theatre (1985)

EMPEROR'S NEW CLOTHES was Emperor for the West Abbey Theatre (1983)

MORE...ON THE AIR was Hot Flashes for the West Abbey Theatre (1982)

MIRACLE WORKER was Dr. Agnagnos for the West Abbey Theatre (1982)

*indicates musical performances with solos/duets/chorus/etc.


SIERRA SPIRITS (AKA LOS BURROS LOCO) arresting Sheriff near the end of the film. An independant film and spoof of a western. (2007)

THE GOLD RUSH - An American Experience, was a miner eating for Yellow Jersey Productions/PBS (scenes in the top of the second hour) appearance is credited under Extras. (Released 2006)

BEHIND THE MASK OF ZORRO editor of Calaveras Chronicle 1852 for El Norte Productions/History Channel (2004)

STAGECOACHES OF FIRE was a tobacco salesman for Evan Smith Productions

SEVEN WONDERS OF THE INDUSTRIAL WORLD - "The Line" 1867 printer for British Broadcasting Company TV series

MEN OF REENACTION talking head for a film by Jessica Yu (1994)

BOB'S NIGHT OUT - The son of America's most eccentric millionaire is committed to a mental institution by his stepmother so she can obtain his inheritance. But Bob escapes wreaking hilarious vengeance and havoc on LA. First Director: Thomas R. Bond (AKA Butch from Our Gang). (filmed 1992 & released 2004)

THE NESTING INSTINCT was Cop for San Jose State University Film

DANGEROUS MINDS working title "My Posse Dont Do Homework" Atmosphere for Paramount Pictures (1995)

BUDGET CUT CASUALTY & STRAPFORCASH KID was Budget Cut Casualty for Tandem Television Network

MONTEREY HISTORY FILM was American Sea Captain (1992) for Design Media Productions. The scene setup in the Customs House.

OUT ON A LIMB (Welcome To Buzzsaw) was Bar Patron for Universal Studios (1992)

POLICE OFFICER STANDARDS was Black Bart for Alameda Co. D.A. Office

POINT OF VIEW was Gunfighter for Alameda Co. D.A. Office

BTTF III(Spoof) was Mad Dog Tanner for Santa Cruz Operations

DIRTY WORK was The Father for University California Santa Cruz



ROARING CAMP was Black Bart for KNTV 11 TV ABC commercial


SAN JOSE HISTORICAL SOCIETY was Gunfighter for KRON 4 TV NBC commercial

SCARBOROUGH LUMBER was Customer for KMST 46 TV CBS, commercial and their company "mascot" The Scarborough Man for ten years!

Special Interests/Experience

SHADOWS OF THE PAST, INC. Director/Founder/ Pres. Old West Performing Troupe from 1984-2000 (This Award Winning Historical Reenactment troupe has been performing year round since 1984)

NATIONAL CIVIL WAR ASSOC. Performer (1983-2000) Administrative Board President (Jan.1993 - Aug.1996) Historical Reenactment group

TIME TRAVELERS Director/Founder Cultural Council Spectra Artist

THEATER PHOTOGRAPHER since 1982 (on most stage plays created portfolios for actors and publicity shots for each production. Also designed and constructed performance program booklets and posters for many plays since 1985)

CONSULTANT on many plays for historical accuracy on various period clothing and regalia.

Then there's two sides to a mustache when I took first(the funny side) of two self portraits the same day and the second showing the dark side of the same mustache!

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