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Since this web server is connected via a slow link, I'm trying to keep the fancy graphics to a minimum, sorry if this page seems boring by current web standards.

Real World Affiliations: I work as a computer geek for Cisco Systems. If you don't know about Cisco and are reading a web page, its not worth explaining. I telecommute full time and live in Port Orchard, Washington. Its nice to escape the city while still holding down a job. But this page is where I go to escape work, not be reminded of it.

I do most of the admin work keeping Spotted Dog Systems (my non-work related home machine) up and running. My wife, Zoli, is the web-mistress, here, but I'm on my own for creating this page.

Things I do other than computers:

I ride a motorcycle (BMW R100R). I don't get as much chance to ride as I used to. Its a lower priority at the moment.

I've been busy settling into a different home and figuring out what I need to fix. Since its an old farmhouse that has been updated at various time I have my work cut out for me. Repairs and updates have been keeping me busy. I guess you could say I don't get out much these days.
So far the list includes:

Update: I've made some progress on the house and property, still lots to go. Things that have happened my first year here (1997) Update: second year progress to date (1998) Update: third year progress to date (1999) Update: 2000 Updated: 2001 Updated: 2004 You could class me as just another gadget boy techno geek, with a touch of old fashioned barn raising irreverent country boy tossed in to keep the mix interesting. Like most geeks, I'm a collection of offbeat quirks that I'm trying to figure out (and enjoying the ride in the meantime).

The barn work always seems to go slower than expected. Maybe it has something with having an infant (now 4 years old) in the house. We're also trying to get away from the property and have fun. We're experimenting with kayaking, it is interesting having a 1 year old in the kayak with you. We're also getting re-involved with a previous hobby, historical re-enactment, this time with the Washington Civil War Association.
Hobbies ebb and flow. I need to get in and clean and organize the barn, Being dad takes up a lot of weekend time, but its worth it.  Trying to get out and meet people in the area more.  Have a social life outside the computer...

Mostly I've been adjusting to telecommuting full time, being a parent, and living in a nice small town. It takes some adjustment and mellowing out of the hard core computer geek mentality.

Here are some links from my hotlist. Just bullet list format, keep it simple. Most of the links haven't been checked in awhile. I'll prune and update one of these days.

Thanks for stopping by, like most pages, items get added or dropped as I have time to work on them. I'm interested in hearing comments.


last updated 7/28/2004(need to get into better habits for y2k)


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