Zoli Nazaari-Uebele

Real World Affiliations:I'm a swinging techno housewife (formerly a Technical Support Engineer for the one true o/s) with artistic tendencies.

Real Life Affiliations: In the meantime, I'm a motorcyclist (rider of a Yamaha Virago 750cc named "Sushi-glide"); an former historical reenactor for ( Shadows of the Past {1870s Cowboy Group} and the National Civil War Association (NCWA)) (I've sinced moved too far away to participate directly anymore); a dalmatian owner (my bitch's name is Eris); a graphic design nut who's interested in multimedia. I enjoy home brewing (Relax, don't worry...); photography; fashion doll collecting (including Barbie, Gene, Esme, Jenny, Licca); ceramic arts, cooking, jewelry making, cinema.

Last, but not least, some tidbits:

last updated 3/14/2005